A Quilt Finish: Cheddar Bow Ties

In my war on truly catching up in the sewing room I’ve been tackling the pile of flimsy quilt tops.? On the pile was a quilt of Kelli’s, Cheddar Bow Ties.? This quilt has been a top for a long time.? Now it’s finished.

This started as Bonnie Hunter’s 2011 Leader and Ender Challenge.? More info on that HERE.

Kelli didn’t follow the suggestion and use one solid cheddar fabric.? She used many cheddar printed fabrics.? The quilt is comprised of Civil War prints.

I think the color selection makes the quilt look like it’s dancing.

I don’t ever think of a bow tie block as anything special at all but just look… Continue reading

Peach Cobbler Cookie Cups

You might remember that I am on my freezer challenge still.? I will be on this for a LONG time.? I alway had tons of fruit packaged and frozen ready to make apple, peach or rhubarb crisp for Kramer.? I typically make one each week for him to pack in his lunch.? Well he passed away last June and I am not at all using the frozen fruit as I hoped.? I have a lot and am always on the lookout for recipes that might use one of those things, rhubarb, apples or peaches…blueberries too.

Well..I saw a recipe for Peach Cobbler Cookies.? They looked fabulous and the ingredient list looked “to easy to be true”.

The recipe is so easy, I don’t think you’ll believe it either.? You can find the recipe.. Continue reading

My Bonnie Hunter Mystery Parade

Being I just finished up this year’s mystery quilt I thought I would do a little recap of all the mystery quilts I’ve made to date.

Carolina Christmas?was the ’09 quilt.

I didn’t know how to blog then and my pictures were terrible.? This quilt lives at Kayla’s house.? I loved the whole mystery aspect and was sold on making them after I did this first mystery.

Roll Roll Cotton Boll??(read the original post here)
I did this as the mystery.? I wasn’t a string?girl?at all at the time.? I remember dreading when I heard the words string.? I almost gave up on the mystery right then.? I can’t tell you how happy I am that I moved on beyond that.? Strings honestly opened a whole new world for me.


Of all of the quilts, I would definitely make this one again.? Of all the quilts I’ve made for mysteries, this is my favorite.? I think the reason I love it so much was that this quilt sold me a scraps.? Before this quilt I did scraps…but this one showed me I loved scraps.


Mine was all Civil War fabrics and it looked good in those.? This quilt is a keeper.? I won’t gift it.

Orka Bay?(more about the quilt HERE)

I did this as a mystery.
I loved this as a mystery…one of my favorite ones.? The border had me really loving the quilt.


I had some UFO blocks and was doing a UFO challenge at the same time I was working on this.? I ended up putting the blocks on the back of the quilt.


This is by far one of my favorite mysteries.? I love everything about it.

Easy Street #1?(read more about it HERE)

Mine is made with primarily Civil War Reproduction fabrics. ?I didn’t have purples so I replaced pink for purple.

That year I made TWO mysteries.? Yep, never again for sure.

Here is my Easy Street #2Continue reading

Quilt Book Review: Sensational Quilts for Scrap Lovers

Before you read tonight’s post I want to apologize.? Life got away from when I was writing the morning post and I forgot to add pictures.? They are added now.? Go back and check it out.? You can find the post HERE.

C&T Publishing sent me some books to review.? I couldn’t have been happier to see the email.? Who doesn’t need to see something different, something inspiring, something to inspire.? Well this first book I have to show you is just that.? The book is Sensational Quilts for Scrap Lovers.? If you’re like me, you were caught right away by the fun book cover.

..also, so many designers say they make “scrappy” quilts but seriously, having two different colors of blue doesn’t make them a “scrappy” quilter.? To me, a scrappy quilt has MANY different prints and patterns, much like the cover quilt of this book….So, the cover looked good.? How did the inside look?

I’d say…. Continue reading