It’s no secret.? I’m known as the blogger who has atrocious spelling errors, poor grammar, and poor punctuation.? ?At first, I was always embarrassed about it.? Later, it got so I did my best and moved on.? Being such an active person makes me have to let some things go….and the editing of the blog, I let go.? Yes, I tried but I didn’t agonize over it.? I got to the point that I could either re-read and re-read again and again and still not have it perfect or I could move on and write another post.? So often for me, I get called away mid writing and I end up thinking a post was complete but actually I needed to proofread it.

My errors have been so bad that people have commented about them in the comment section.? I’ve let that all pass.? Admittedly, I’ve known it was bad.

Well, Kayla came to the rescue not so long ago…

Grammarly, the pros and cons. | Probella
It’s an app called Grammarly.? I love it.? I love it a lot.

I think you all have unknowingly been appreciating it too!!? I’ve had it for almost a month now and I really think the quality of the punctuation, spelling errors, and editing flaws has improved immensely!? Have you noticed it?? It’s okay if you say YES!? I know it’s been really bad in the past.

The program is super easy to use.? It’s more or less an advanced version of spell-check.? You have to use Google Chrome as your browser for it to work…that’s the only catch.? You can find the app for Grammarly HERE.

So what does it do?? Let me show you… Continue reading

Days of Our Lives

The other day, this came up my Facebook feed.? Oh my, did it ever give me a good laugh.

For some of you, you are laughing right along with me.? For others of you, you likely don’t know what is funny.

Are you up for a little story?? Grab some coffee…here goes.

Growing up, my family watched soap operas over the lunch hour.? Mom and Dad both did farming work and when they were in for lunch, they always turned on the television and watched the soap opera that was on.

Dad was more of the watcher than mom was…mom more or less listened while she bustled around the kitchen getting lunch ready.? Dad was die-hard All my Children fan.

All My Children - Early 80s Opening Theme - YouTube
We laughed and cried over the life of Erica Cane and her many, many marriages.

Erica Kane's Husbands on All My Children | POPSUGAR Love & Sex
That was the noon hour soap on ABC.? Well, sometimes Dad came in from chores a little later so…the next ABC soap that came on was…One Life to Live.

One Life To Live 1986 Intro - YouTube
….and sometimes it was hot out so Dad stayed in for General Hospital.

General Hospital Opening Long Version - YouTube
General Hospital was my personal favorite.? I was so in love with Luke and Laura.? I was a religious watcher!
General Hospital: The Soap Opera of the 80s | Like Totally 80s
Later on…I watched Frisco and Felicia fall in love.

Frisco and Felicia - General Hospital 80s Photo (26323744) - Fanpop
I fell in love with Rick Springfield…

Rick Springfield Returning to General Hospital | Rick springfield, General hospital, Heartthrob
who later went on had a music career singing the hit, “Jessie’s Girl”.

Dad loved the ABC soaps….but sometimes, he would come in before noon and turn the channel over to The Young and the Restless on CBS.

Young and the restless LogosI watched Victor and Nicky be married and not married several times.

12+ Facts Only The Biggest Fans Know About 'The Young And The Restless' | DoYouRemember?
Back then my favorite character was Tracey.? You know every character had their flaw and Tracey’s flaw was that she was supposedly overweight.? I related to her and loved her….She was FAR from overweight!!? Oh my.

The Young and the Restless Photos: Traci and Brad on | Young and the restless, Tv weddings, Wedding movies
I don’t want you to think my dad sat in the house all day watching soap operas.? He didn’t.? He was just an unusual farmer.? He chose to be in the house over the hot part of the day and have longer lunch vs being done early in the evening.? He wasn’t in for the night until 10:30pm.? It was his way…and I think he liked soaps.? It was okay with me.? It was something we had in common.? I liked them too.

Well, I went to college and took my dad’s soap opera habits with me.? I watched the same shows he did, but the show that I always tried to catch was General Hospital.? The other ones I might catch once a week or so if my college schedule allowed…but General Hospital was the one I worked my schedule around.

Then I met Kramer and a year later we were married.? College was done for me.? We moved to the Grand Meadow/Stewartville area in Minnesota.? That’s where Kramer was from.? We were dirt poor.? It was the 80s.? Kramer was a young farmer and he was going broke.? We had no money…seriously…no money.

Here’s the proof.? We had two televisions.? One had sound and no picture.? The other had picture and no sound.? I am dead serious.? So what were we poor newlyweds to do?? We stacked the televisions on top of each other, tuned them to the same station, and watched one television while listening to the other.? Somedays the actor’s mouth and the words didn’t completely match but I was a dedicated soap opera fan so what’s a girl to do?? Those were the “good old days”.? Thinking about it nowadays makes me laugh!!

Imagine my consternation when I tuned them on the first time only to realize the only channel we got was channel 10, KTTC out of Rochester, Minnesota.? Oh, my word.? I was heartbroken.? KTTC was an NBC station.? I didn’t watch any NBC soap operas.? What was a girl to do?? In comes….Days of our Lives.

BRPROUD | Days of our lives to air after impeachment hearings

Kramer’s family were Days of our Lives watchers.? Both his Mom and his Dad watched Days of our Lives.? If it was noon, the television was on and they were watching.? It was an institution.? BUT…they only watched Days of our Lives…no other soaps.

So, in our poverty, I became a Days of our Lives watcher.? I game up my ABC soaps and converted.? I did however catch the ABC soaps when I’d go visit my dad.? But, before long, I became hooked on Days of our Lives.

I loved Steve and Kayla….I loved Bo and Hope.

Your Number One 80s! Which Classic Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Couple Is Your Fave?

About then we moved and were able to get other channels, but I stuck with NBC and Days of our Lives.? I’d put the kids down for a nap and watch while I bustled around the kitchen cleaning up the lunch dishes and prepping supper.

I wasn’t in love with the show when Marlena became possessed.

Marlena on Days of Our Lives — Everything You Need to Know

I hated the Dimera family.? Stephano was the patriarch of that family and he was terrible.

The bradydimera feud stefano dimera 160x230.jpg
He did every bad thing any writer could think of.? He held people captive.? He died and came back to life.? He had all the money in the world so could afford to hire any hitman or bad person the writers could think of.? He was behind every bad thing on the show.? He was known as The Pheonix as he always came back to life…and in the show, he did.? Viewers, like me, would think he was dead.? Then a year later mysterious things would start to happen and there he was acting the puppeteer and pulling all the strings behind the scenes to make terrible things happen.

So when I saw this on Facebook…

I had the BIGGEST laugh.? My late 20s and early 30-year-old self believed it all…It really could be Stephano once again playing the puppeteer and pulling the strings to make this year one all of us will remember.

On a side note…I quit watching soaps in the early 2000s.? For a bit, I would nap my childcare kids and listen while I cleaned up the kitchen but that soon faded, and instead, I prepped activities for the kids over naptime.? I did a quick Google search to see what soaps were being produced today…

Today, only four of them remain — The Bold and the Beautiful?(CBS),?Days of Our Lives?(NBC),?General Hospital?(ABC), and?The Young and the Restless (CBS)“.

Funny…I have ties to three of the four of them.? I wonder if I could pick up and start watching again….Hmmm.? Do you suppose anything has changed?? Likely not as I’m sure any characters I remember look just like they did back then thanks to plastic surgery.

So my curious mind wants to know…was I the only one who watched soaps?? What was your favorite?

Dear Mom…

I saw this on Facebook the other day…

It’s prompted me to tell you a little story.

I don’t know if any of you were fans of the movie Little Rascals.? Growing up at our house, that was a VHS tape we had that had and our kids watched it repeatedly.? Me, I remember the classic Little Rascals.? I loved both the series that I watched and the movie of my kids’ times.

The scene where Alfalfa writes the letter to Darla was one of the kids’ favorite scenes.? If you don’t remember, here’s the link.

It’s the same scene that was quoted in the meme I saw on Facebook.? This scene always made me laugh but it became a huge family laugh after I was in Wal-Mart one day with Karl and Kalissa.

Here’s the story…. Continue reading

What I’m Working On….

I had a busy week filled with lots of family interruptions.? Nothing is wrong.? The family just needed me extra and I prioritized them to slot #1.

School started here last week on Monday for everyone except preschool.? One of my old childcare families contacted me and asked if their guy could come for the Monday and Tuesday as she didn’t have anyone to keep him.? Carver and Gannon were going to be here anyway so I said sure.? Carver had so much fun!

I worked on my deadline project.? I wasn’t going to show it to you but then Rosie was playing under while I was ironing it and I couldn’t resist showing you this picture…so I guess you ended up with a bigger sneak peek.

The quilt is on the longarm machine waiting for me to finish it.? That will be Tuesday’s job.? I have until the 11th for it to be there so I’m content with that progress.? Kelli volunteered to write the pattern so that helps a lot!!

I designed another project and it’s out of the same fabric line.? What can I say, I loved it so much!!? I couldn’t get enough of it.? It’s “A Blooming Bunch” by Maureen McCormick for Moda.? It will be out in November.? I think you’ll want to snap some up.

Our design will be made with 2 charm packs.? Moda sent us a layer cake instead…darn (I’m totally teasing when I say that) I guess I’ll have leftovers.

I already cut into the fabric…see?? Continue reading